Philips Hue Phoenix Table Review

Harnessing the power of wireless technology and contemporary aesthetics, the Philips Hue Phoenix table lamp strives to provide consumers with a unique white lighting experience. Delving more deeply into the inner workings of the lamp, it fails to deliver the quality of light that is expected.

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Editor's choice

THE GOOD / The Philips Hue Phoenix table lamp is an ideal size for accommodating tables of all sizes while also offering technologically advanced smart lamp features such as the ability to utilize IFTTT, voice control and wireless technologies. It is also functional with many products like Zigbee, Apple HomeKit and Wink.

THE BAD / When it comes to the functionality and quality of light, the Philips Hue Phoenix table lamp is far too dim and cloudy for a lamp in this financial realm. Regrettably, the exterior appearance is also less than expected with a cheap trinket feel that is enhanced by an inability to control the light without a smart phone or tablet.

THE BOTTOM LINE / Like any smart device, the Philips Hue Phoenix table lamp has an undeniable futuristic vibe that people find fascinating. The lamp's technological capabilities along with its range of home automation product compatibility is, without a doubt, what makes this lamp appealing. While it will adequately fulfill a desire for trendy lighting, the cloudy quality of the white light displayed and the unfortunate toy-like aesthetic design is not up to par for a product that is intended to be a significant renovation.





Cosmetically, the Philips Hue Phoenix table lamp evokes thoughts of cheap, light-up trinkets sold at Sci-Fi conventions. The 3-dimensional, saucer shape of the lamp shade can only be compared to that of a sensationalized Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). The 3-D hexagon pattern on the shade along with the white color only adds to the notion of a plastic UFO toy. In reality, the lamp is manufactured with both metal and synthetic materials and is quite costly.

Aside from the notoriously out-of-this-world appearance of the lamp shade, the Hue Phoenix table lamp is relatively unremarkable otherwise. At 12.7in x 11.8, it is a small to average sized lamp that can be securely placed on coffee tables, end tables or desks of varying sizes without concerns of stability. The Hue Phoenix table lamp is intended to complement contemporary furniture though the design appears much too bulky for a contemporary piece.

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Setup & Packaging

Opening the box and assembling the tangible pieces of the Hue Phoenix table lamp is uncomplicated even with the vague set of instructions included. After physical assembly, the process becomes perplexing. To even begin the technical setup, you eventually discover that you will need a device that was not included. A Philips Hue White Light Starter Kit or a compatible bridge must be used to connect the table lamp to Wi-Fi to access any of the tech-savvy features it offers.

After purchasing one or the other, you will then need to set up the new device before continuing which can become a lengthy process in itself. Afterwards, the lamp setup resumes by downloading the Philips Hue app. Assuming the app can detect the Hue Phoenix table Lamp, you're home-free. The app will connect with the lamp and you will have the ability to control the white light settings of the Hue Phoenix table lamp from your smart phone or tablet.

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The Philips Hue Phoenix table lamp is controlled through an app on any device with iOS or Android operating systems. Unlike some of Philips other smart lamp models, this one includes a physical power switch in the back although, it is difficult to access and the ability to control the lighting is only possible through the app.

Through the Philips Hue app, the table lamp has the potential to display an assortment of 50 thousand shades of functional white light. In addition to its range of shades, the Hue Phoenix table lamp can be connected to smart home systems including Zigbee, Apple HomeKit and Wink as well as smart home devices to allow for voice control. It can additionally be synced with smart devices using IFTTT technology to display notifications. Despite its potential, the quality of light displayed is rather dim and cloudy in appearance even for a table lamp with a 9 WATT LED output.

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