Pretty Smart Lamp Review


With laser cut glass and a mahogany wood base, the developers of the Pretty Smart lamp undeniably got the “pretty” part of the product name right. The “smart” concept, however, is up for debate after further investigation uncovers limited connectivity and wireless functionality.

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Editor's choice

THE GOOD / A divine combination of contemporary and traditional design traits make the Pretty Smart lamp alluring to people who are fond of both modern and time-honored furnishings along with every style in-between. In a similar fashion, the interchangeable laser cut designs make for a multifaceted piece.

THE BAD / Generally speaking, a lamp’s main purpose is to produce workable light. The Pretty Smart Lamp, in this sense, does not qualify as a lamp as it is more of a color-changing piece of art. The restricted capabilities of the app and the lack of home automation compatibility further disqualify the fixture as a “smart lamp”.

THE BOTTOM LINE / Art lovers will marvel over the interchangeable laser cut glass designs that are included with the Pretty Smart lamp. They will celebrate the complexities of the sculpted glass and the way it changes appearances with each color option. High-tech, self-proclaimed nerds will find themselves less than enthused by the inner workings of the lamp. Meanwhile, those who are searching for a visually stimulating, functional smart lamp will be conflicted. If you are stuck somewhere in the middle, consider this piece as little more than a decorative knickknack.





A rectangular mahogany wooden box, with a groove in the center, acts as the stable base of the Pretty Smart lamp. Inside of the groove, a delicate laser cut piece of glass is put into place. The laser cut insert is offered in eleven distinct patterns: Wormhole, Hills, The Hand, Austin, City Streets, City Scape, Friendly Cloud, Heart Hands, Orchids, I love you and Skulls. One laser design is included with the purchase of the lamp; however, additional designs are available and can be used interchangeably with the wood base.

The intricate glass is extremely fragile although with interchangeable designs, there is no problem with availability should it need replaced. The Pretty Smart lamp’s extravagant, glass is reflective of contemporary trends while its richly colored mahogany base is in line with traditional décor. The Pretty Smart Lamp marries these two design concepts from opposite ends of the spectrum in a stunning fashion.

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Setup & Packaging

Extreme care goes into packaging every Pretty Smart lamp and because of the eggshell like quality of the glass, this is legitimate precaution that must be taken. As with handling any fine material, you will need to exercise caution when removing the glass from the box and its surrounding packing materials. After the glass is removed, you will proceed to unveil the base. The glass should be placed into the groove located on the wooden base. From there, the manual assembly is complete.

As for setting up the advanced features, this is a tedious, drawn-out process. First, you will need to push the power button on the back of the lamp itself. Then, install the Pretty Smart Home app. Each technical feature will then need to be programmed with a series of taps and double-taps to achieve the desired result. This is perhaps the most frustrating portion of setup and installation and requires patience to complete.

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The Pretty Smart lamp is obviously broadcasted to the world as a smart lamp. While the features do involve a level of connectivity, the lamp is unable to interact with home automation kits or hubs. For truly smart home hopefuls, this is a huge drawback. Otherwise, the lamp performs only fundamental functions. It flashes to provide smart phone notifications and can be programmed to help locate a lost phone.

It is equipped with a built-in, rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 battery and 48 LEDs. Because of this, it must be charged with a 5V charger in order to power on and provide light. Promoted with a 16 million color advertisement, the lamp generates many colors though there is not a solid beam of light. The lamp essentially glows a chosen color but the light is unusable. Also, users must control the lamp through the Pretty Smart Home app, available on iOS and Android, which is in the Beta stages and comes with a multitude of troubles.

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