Threshold Ara Large Table Lamp Review

Low-energy, warm, neutral and cool white light hues are exhibited through Target Threshold’s Ara Collection Large Ambient Table Lamp. Shockingly, this table lamp lacks any novel concepts and comes across as a mere replica of pre-existing, successful smart lamps that have been on the market for years.

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Editor's choice

THE GOOD / Low-energy white LED bulbs are built into the lamp and will not require replacements throughout the lifespan of the device. The Ara Collection Table Lamp also has a physical touch activated control button which makes for easy operation without the need for a smart device or internet connection.

THE BAD / Still in Beta Mode, there will likely be a lot of bugs to fix regarding the technical functioning of the lamp and the app. Though changes are to be expected, the Ara Collection Table Lamp, even in theory, does not provide users with a pleasing design, inventive technology nor unique features.

THE BOTTOM LINE / All in all, Target’s Threshold Ara Collection Large Ambient Table Lamp is remarkably similar to other smart lamps that are already on the market. More specifically, the lamp seems to copy the general outline of Philips Smart Lamps. With Philips Smart Lamps being in the same financial bracket as the Ara Collection Large Table Lamp, it makes more sense to opt for the comparable product that has been on the market for nearly three years longer. Opting for a Philips model over the Ara Collection Lamp will eliminate the risk while allowing users to choose between iOS or Android devices for operation.





Completely assembled, Target’s Threshold Ara Collection Large Ambient Table Lamp has dimensions of 13 in x 5.5 in x 5.5 in. The lamp consists of a towering, cylinder shaped body with a flat, rounded top and bottom. The majority of the Ara Collection Table Lamp is formed with a matte white plastic, although the foundation is made of a polished silver steel. This steel foundation was likely incorporated to provide stability but it is also helpful in distracting the eyes from the unsightly power cord affixed to the back of the lamp. As far as present-day table lamps go, the form is unoriginal and lacks any distinct elements of style.

The unembellished model is on par with minimalist themes but the tall, round shape may be viewed as slightly too bulky for these environments. The limited amount of color involved with the blueprint may indicate that the lamp is more ideal for a modern or contemporary interior ensemble.

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Setup & Packaging

Setting up the Threshold Ara Collection Large Ambient Table Lamp is not a difficult process. Like many lamps, it is delivered in packaging that was crafted for the sole purpose of protecting the delicate plastic body of the lamp. After it is removed from its packaging, the lamp can be powered on immediately after the standard plug enters an outlet.

From there, you have the power to use the touch activated sensor to experience four different settings: low, medium, high and full. You are able to switch from one setting to the next by tapping the sensor, one tap at a time, until you reach your desired level of lighting. Other functions will not be available until you sync your device with the Target Connected App which is only available to those with an iOS based device. After this is completed, more settings are available and you can begin to set timers and operation schedules for the lamp to follow.

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A 7 Watt LED brings about an amount of light that is equivalent to a standard 60W bulb. While the power behind the bulb is equal to a standard one, the white LEDs embedded in the Ara Collection Ambient Table Lamp are low-energy and are designed to last through 20-30 years of regular use without requiring new bulbs. The Ara Collection’s Large Table Lamp is dimmable and allows you to customize the tone of white light from cool shades to warm ones with the touch of a physical touch activated control button.

For fully personalized settings, users will find that it is necessary to control the table lamp through the iOS based Target Connected App. The app will allow users to set timers and sync several lamps together to operate as one unit. The lamp, along with the app, are both currently in Beta mode but the technical details as they stand appear to meet only the bare minimum requirements of smart lamp classification.

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